SEEN Magazine Online
Now defunct, but a complete 20-issue archive is under construction!
The Wichita Vortex 1937-1966
Lee Streiff's fantastic new site, collecting writings, photos and other
artifacts of Wichita's glory days as a Beat movement touchstone.
Postmodern Village
"A Haphazard Collection of Intellectual Frippery" Wichita Countdown
Top 100 most popular songs by Wichita bands on
Wichita art news, calendars, galleries and more
Web home of Split Lip Rayfield, Scroat Belly & other
goodies from the "redneck nouveau" school of design
Internet Radio Free Kansas
"One of the coolest stations on the web" -- Rolling Stone
Films on Consignment
All about FOC's films...clips, trailers, synopses, casting calls & more
Key Creations Internet Services
These are the guys who make this website go.
They can make yours go, too!
KFDI: The Radio Ranch
The most widely-heard country radio station on Earth.
Listen to the AM or FM broadcasts online, live 24 hours a day!
British Sound
2320 E. Douglas • 316-303-1964
Wichita's hottest little spot for vintage and repro guitar gear, featuring
VOX equipment, Phantom guitars, piles of old school amps & more!
Linesight Design
Some of Wichita's slickest web design can be found right here.
Tim Raglin, Big Time Illustrator
Beautiful illustration on a whimsical website. Still under
construction, but the animated Flash intro page is entertaining.
Holier Than Thou Body Piercing
1111 E. Douglas • 316-266-4100 (Toll-Free 1-877-626-5389)
Schane Gross runs the best-known piercing parlor in the area...clean, professional, experienced. Now catch Schane at her new gig: tattooing at Lucky Devil!
Kirby's Beer Store
1725 E. 17th • 316-685-7013
Hot, smoky, rancid, loud...and about the best little bar
in the Midwest. Did I mention microscopic and stifling?
Flat Tire Rubber Wear
Patrick Duegaw's cool bags & purses are made from used
automobile inner tubes. Recycling is always chic, darling!
Go Away Garage
508 S. Commerce • 316-263-9455
Home of the awesome annual High Octane Kustom Kulture show.
But don't sneak up on these guys...when they say "go away," they mean it!
Planet Hair
504 E. Douglas • 316-267-8000
Hippest hairmongers this side of Paris. Named one of the 200
fastest-growing salons in America by Salon Today magazine!
Mystic Planet
2610 S. Seneca & 791 N. West • 316-262-4310
Incense, jewelry, smoker's accessories, clothing and other fun things.
1712 E. Douglas • 316-265-7137
A relative newcomer among Wichita's numerous downtown
art galleries, specializing in bringing outside artists to Wichita.