The Wichita Vortex Homepage
Lee Streiff's exhaustive chronicle of the Beat years,
with loads of pix, words, music & more

Air Capital Punks
The Squarenuts Archive and bulletin board

F5 Online
Wichita's alt.weekly.rag in electronic form

Wichita Film Society
Ben Urish's page on local artists/filmmakers, 1950s-80s

Wichita Band Scene
The Air Capital's #1 online local music resource

Wichita Stuff on eBay
Wichita-related crap up for auction right now

Wichita's History at a Glance
An official City of Wichita webpage

Valentine Diners
The classic Wichita-built prefab buildings
and where to find them today

Buckminster Fuller's Wichita Dymaxion House
Coolest house ever, from the man who brought us
the geodesic dome and "Spaceship Earth"












































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